A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business building websites for small businesses, institutions, and professionals

Website Maintenance and Update Services

  • Frustrated by clumsy editors?
  • Confused by HTML and website configuration dialogs?
  • Can't get your website to look like you want it to look?
  • Aggravated by that template-driven package you purchased from a
    one-size-fits-all website marketing service like Wix or One-on-One?
  • Having trouble keeping your website up-to-date?
We Fix Websites!
Web Updates

Website Update Services

  • Send updates as often as you like
  • Send updates in any format: newsletters, photos, bulletins, ...
  • We'll get the information processed and posted promptly
    Pay-as-you-go Plan
  • Website maintenance work at $85/hour
  • 48 hour turnaround for urgent edits ($10 surcharge)
  • Get started here and upgrade if needed
    Bronze Service Plan
  • Up to two hours a month for $160/month
  • 72 hour turnaround for urgent edits
  • Additional website maintenance work at $80/hour
    Silver Service Plan
  • Up to five hours a month for $375/month
  • 48 hour turnaround for urgent edits
  • Additional website maintenance work at $75/hour
    Gold Service Plan
  • Up to ten hours a month for $700/month
  • 24 hour turnaround for urgent edits
  • Additional website maintenance work at $70/hour

All Web Site Service plans include:

  • Testing in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (Apple)
  • Communication by e-mail or phone, 5 days a week.
  • Fast, friendly, personal service!

What we need from you

We can create web content from a wide variety or sources, such as
  • Newsletters, brochures, flyers, bulletins, and calendars
  • Newspaper and magazine clippings
  • Photographs, movies, audio and video recordings
  • Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets
  • PDF documents, text files, drawings and sketchs
  • Just about any other data format you can think about

Billing Options & Discounts

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly (5% discount — paid in advance)
  • Semi-Annual (10% discount — paid in advance)
  • Annual (15% discount — paid in advance)

Terms and Conditions

  • You must own the rights to any material that you provide to us
  • You can change plans as needed each month
  • Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual plans are paid in advance
  • Time is recorded in 6-minute increments, minimum of 30-minutes
  • Unused time from prepaid plans will roll over to the next month
  • Prepaid plans cannot be refunded

Available Services Include:

Adding, Changing, Removing, and Positioning multimedia, including pictures, movies, sound files, etc.
Photo and image editing with Photoshop and GIMP, including creating composite images, transparency, and artistic effects
Adding, Changing or Removing links to internal and external content, and embedding content in your website
Audio and video recording, photography, image scanning, and content creation from your raw data
Audio and video editing, mixing, mastering, transitions, compression, and processing for efficient use
Create PDF documents for other content — Add, Change or Remove PDF documents from your website
Changing colors, styles, or layout of your website — we can even redesign your website
Updating information and other text on your website, including proofreading and spell checking
Search Engine Optimization recommendations and managing meta data, keywords, page titles, and descriptions
Generating a sitemap for search engines to navigate your website, and registering your website
Database management, administration and data entry, including inventory, pricing, quantities, etc.
Maintaining and configuring blogs, adding and correcting blog posts to existing blogs
Adding posts, images, or comments to your existing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, or other social media
Monitoring for vulnerabilities, hacking, code insertion, and malicious activity
Server-side and client-side scripting, including Javascript, PHP, PERL, ASP, and other languages
Custom user forms, data collection, processing, and display from your website
Create your custom music and backing tracks from MIDI and live instruments — Great for songwriters
We can support you with pretty much anything to do with websites, making your life a lot easier
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